Exercise ID371

Thinking Operations → Sets → Operations on Sets
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Set S is given undefined. Determine the elements of A i B sets.

A=x|xS 2x12-xS undefined

Determine the elements of the fallowing sets undefined

A=x|xS 2x12-xS x=02·012-0=012=0S x=12·112-1=211S x=22·212-2=410=25S x=32·312-3=69=23S x=42·412-4=88=1S x=52·512-5=107S x=62·612-6=126=2S x=72·712-7=145S x=82·812-8=164=4S x=92·912-9=183=6S A=0,4,6,8,9 B=y|yS y22-yS y=0022-0=0-0=0S y=1122-1=12-1=1-22=-12S y=2222-2=42-2=2-2=0S y=3322-3=92-3=9-62=32S y=4422-4=162-4=8-2=6S y=5522-5=252-5=25-102=152S y=6622-6=362-6=18-6=12S y=7722-7=492-7=49-142=352S y=8822-8=642-8=32-8=24S y=9922-9=812-9=81-182=632S B=0,2,4 AB=0,4,6,8,90,2,4 AB=0,2,4,6,8,9 AB=0,4,6,8,90,2,4 AB=0,4 AB=0,4,6,8,90,2,4 AB=6,8,9 BA=0,2,40,4,6,8,9 BA=2 PAB=,6,8,9,6,8,6,9,8,9,6,8,9 AB=0,2,4,6,8,9

A B = { x | x A x B }

A B = { x | x A x B }

A B = { x | x A x B }

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