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Algebra → Logarithm → Logarithm equations
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Solve the following equation:


log10x2+19-log10x-8=2 log10x2+19-log10x-8=log10102 log10x2+19-log10x-8=log10100 log10x2+19x-8=log10100 x2+19x-8=100 x2+19=100x-8 x2+19=100x-800 x2+19-100x+800=0 x2-100x+819=0 x1,2=100-10000-32762 x1,2=100±67242 x1,2=100±822 x1=91 x2=9
x1=91 x2=9

l o g a a = 1


l o g a ( x y ) = l o g a x l o g a y

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